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Cattle Corner Tips

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  Creep feeding 60 days prior to weaning should be considered for a couple of reasons. During the later stages of nursing milk production is decreasing. At the same time the calves are growing so there is a difference between available nutrients and what is needed to optimize calf growth. In addition, calves that have [...]

Weed Control Planning

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We’re still in the dead of winter, but Mississippi State University’s Rocky Lemus already is reminding cattleman to protect their pasture grasslands from runaway broadleaf infestation this coming spring. Lemus, who joined the university’s staff of extension forage specialists seven years ago, urges producers to avoid the understandable temptation caused by other pressing early spring [...]

Winter Nutrition for your Cattle

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Taking shortcuts on your cattle nutrition during the winter months could risk next year’s calf crop, this year’s weaning weights and the long-term viability of your herd. According to information from university of Minnesota extension beef experts, winter feeding programs vary for each cattle enterprise. Feeding programs are dependent on variables such as: • Forage [...]

Nutrition is Important Part of Good Herd Health Program

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Do you equate a good herd-health program only with a vaccination and/or deworming program? While these are important, they aren’t the only considerations, says Christine B. Navarre, Extension Veterinarian, with Louisiana State university. Dr. Navarre says good overall beef cattle herd health entails the following four basic parts: 1. Nutrition “The first and most important [...]

Purina Introduces New 30% Protein High Energy Cattle Tub

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Purina introduces a new 30% Protein High Energy Cattle Tub this month for producers seeking a more convenient delivery method of protein supplements. Purina’s new 30% Protein High Energy Cattle 60 pound Tub product with controlled consumption technology provides your cattle an excellent source of protein in a convenient to handle, weather-resistant delivery method. The [...]

Extreme Weather Conditions and Reduced Production May Affect Hay Quality, Availability and Price

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Unfavorable weather conditions last fall and winter meant more hay was fed than normal causing last year’s hay supplies to be running short.  Unprecedented weather extremes through the spring are affecting the quality and availability of new hay for 2011.  Whether you are suffering through the extreme drought in south Texas, excessive rainfall in the [...]

Hay Test can Lead to More Efficient Feeding During Drought

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Nutritive value key to overall efficiency for beef cattle intake COLLEGE STATION – An inexpensive hay test can offer the best guidance as to how much supplemental feed is required for a beef cattle herd, and at the same time, save ranchers money, according to a Texas AgriLife Research scientist. Considering the historic drought conditions that prevail [...]

Quick Tips: Hay Management

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Now is the time to make plans for getting the most from your hay as fall winds down and winter approaches. These tips can help: 1. Inventory the quantity of your hay on hand. 2. Work with your nutrition consultant to determine the quality of the hay you have. 3. Forage analysis can be useful. Testing hays for [...]

Purina’s IM Technology Delivers Predicatable Performance

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PURINA’S IM TECHNOLOGY DELIVERS PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCE It’s a well-researched fact that a stable digestive system in cattle results in increased forage utilization, digestive function, and overall health and performance (see “Basic Cattle Nutrition”). Hand feeding range supplements such as range cubes, commodities, or grain mixes, may be causing instability in your animals’ digestive system. When cattle consume all their [...]

Seven Vital Trace Minerals for Cattle

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Cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc are trace minerals important to good cattle nutrition. Ranchers and feedlot operators need to know whether or not these minerals are available in their regions and supplement deficiencies accordingly. This TDN excerpts an article by Oklahoma State University animal nutritionist Fred Owens which identified the geographic availability [...]

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