winter feedWinter is here so that means feeding habits for our four legged family members usually change.  Pasture grasses slow their growth and many times, by this time of the year, are gone.  Therefore livestock owners begin to look toward supplemental feeding to meet the nutritional requirements shortfall.  The easiest is hay.  When grass in the pasture is gone, that animal still needs hay as a part of its diet.  Look toward square bales of Coastal, Sudan, Tifton and other grasses to meet this need.  For additional protein, feedstuffs such as creep feed (pelletized feed), cubes, syrup based protein and mineral supplement tubs and liquid feeds are excellent options.  Additional protein helps maintain body condition and keeps the animal warm during the cold days of winter.  Eagle Hardware has plenty of options at your disposal and our staff is happy to discuss with you what is best for your animal’s nutritional need and your pocketbook limitations.  Stop by today and let us help.