By definition, a weed is any plant growing where it not wanted or needed. Though one probably doesn’t look at pond algae or plants growing in a pond, such a millweed, duckweek or alligator grass, those too could be considered weeds. Who wants them in a pond?  Not only are they unsightly, they also rob the water of much needed oxygen for fish and the overall health of your pond.  Be it pond algae or another plant going in your pond, Eagle Hardware has what you need to eradicate the unsightly. 

We also offer various herbicides to control weeds in your lawn and pasture.  Selective and non-selective herbicides can be found at Eagle.  We even have remaining amounts of MSMA.   Needing to treat a fence line or grass and weeds going where you don’t want them?  We have Round-Up Quick Pro!  Quick Pro is a 73% solution of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up and other non-selective herbicides.

Don’t know what you have and need help knowing what to do?  Feel free to bring your weed in or a picture of your least favorite plant and we’ll help determine what it is and how to get rid of it.  We’ll see you soon.