nolo baitNolo Bait, GRASSHOPPER SPORE, Nosema locustae is a microsporidial parasite which affects only grasshoppers (58 species) and some crickets, by infecting their fat bodies. It will not harm humans, pets, barnyard animals or wildlife.  Don’t wait until grasshoppers are munching your crops in mid-summer to make the first application!  Nolo Bait takes a little time to work and the larger area it can be applied over, the better.  Getting together with your neighbors to do large pastures or other grassy areas is a good idea, as this is where the grasshoppers come from when these plants dry out.

Heavy grasshopper infestations may make it necessary to apply more than once, or in greater amounts.  Apply the bait where you see the grasshoppers eating and feeding, in early spring as soon as the first hoppers are seen.  Use 1 lb./acre.

Mortality is greatest to young grasshoppers so the material is best applied before grasshoppers become adults.  It takes 2-3 weeks for significant death to occur. Grasshoppers are notorious cannibals so they will devour the sick grasshoppers and spread the infection. When females lay eggs they will pass the disease into their next generation. As the eggs hatch, the young hoppers will contract the disease and in this manner at least 15% carryover of the disease occurs.

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