Did you hear the question, “So how long were you out of electricity?” Chances are you did.  Actually, it was the question most asked and most responded to the last several weeks as we thawed from our first big ice storm in years.  Luckily we, in our area, were not hit so bad, yet none the less many were without electricity for days.  As the thick layer of ice laid over tree limbs and branches, their weight began to snap and fall.  Unfortunately their fall was not always straight to the ground.  Yep, they had these little obstacles we depend on 24/7 in their way.  These obstacles carry a vital resource to our homes and businesses.  We call them power lines.  The resource, electricity.

As I drove around the days afterwards, I could not help but notice the countless trees down and unsightly disfigurement of almost every other one.  I knew then I would want to share with you what I do now.  No it’s not any great insight into tree pathology or the species study of the varieties in our area either.  It is simply a word to encourage you to trim those shade sharing monsters.  And in an attempt not to bore you, let me encourage you to do one of two things.  Should you desire to make a go at trimming them yourselves, I am providing a couple of good resources for you to review and study up on to help.  Know that we have all the tree trimming tools you’d need as well.  If you would rather let the professionals have a whack at it (pun intended), let me know and I can share with you a couple of reputable arborists to help.

For tips on how to prune a tree, please click here and for more information on why you need to prune your trees, visit the A&M AgriLife website here.