deer blindsIf you have not yet found your deer blind, you do not have to look far this year.  Eagle Hardware proudly sells HB Hunting Products, Texas Hunting Products, and the Dillion Blinds.  Each one is unique in its design and affordability.  From ground placement, to a five foot vantage, to a 10 foot line of sight, each deer blind offers options to get your blind in a perfect position to see the game you seek.  As the days grow shorter and deer become more habitual hitting the feeders, now is the time to get your blind in place.  Deer need to get used to your blind’s location and let it become the norm seeing it day after day.  Wait too long to get your blind in place and one runs the risk of keeping deer away for your selected sight.

Here are some tips to remember when placing your deer blind.

• You want your blind to disappear into the surroundings.

• Lace up your boots and start scouting, walk the property looking for trail intersections, ridges, bottlenecks and funnels, as well as food sources and protective cover for bedding.

• Don’t restrict yourself by focusing strictly on field edges, which can limit you to a very small window of opportunity, especially after the first few weeks of bow season.

• Before determining your placement decide what you will be shooting a bow or rifle. There are very important differences between the two, an archery site requires a clear shot of between 20-40 yards, while a rifle site requires greater distance, and needs to focus more on maximizing visibility up to 400 yards.

• Place your blind or stand along cut lines, near watering holes, heavily used trails, and clear cuts. If setting on field edges corners and hidden bays are your best option.

• Set a blind or stand in position at least 1 week prior to hunting. Always consider the time of day you plan to hunt as well as the prevailing wind (scent can really throw off your game).

• Tree stands should be placed 16-20 ft in a tree, this height will carry scent away and keep you out of games line of sight, without creating difficult shot angles caused by to high of placement.

Following these tips can help to ensure that you spot deer all season long- and don’t forget if your are disappointed in the game you are seeing relocate- but for best results be sure to scout the area properly first.  Good Luck!