The ever changing landscape of the household light bulb continues.  Last year saw the last of the 40 watt incandescent light bulb to ever be produced in the US and/or imported from overseas.  If you are lucky to find these soon-to-be collector items, they are probably left over inventory.  So gone are any of the traditional bulbs 40 watts or more!  Good thing is the evolving florescent bulbs as well as halogen bulbs look similar enough one hardly notices.  HOWEVER, be ready for a little more change but in a good way.  Finally there are super energy efficient LED bulbs that look and illuminate exactly like the light bulbs of bygone days of ol’.  If you have not noticed lately LED bulbs have finally reached the sub $5 range and, crazy thing is, should outlast the old style by not just months but years.  And even better than that, the savings a household can make in changing out to LED is mind boggling.  In fact, look for the lighting at Eagle to change soon as we embrace change.  So in keeping with change, you’ll now find an ample supply of LED bulbs to choose from at Eagle Hardware.  Need help figuring out what you need and what your options are?  Stop by today and let us help you understand what out there and help you decide what you need.