It’s that time of year!!  The sun is out, the temperatures are warming up and many folks are itching to get out and start their spring garden.  Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch is ready to help you cultivate your green thumb.  From lawn & garden tools to help clean up your garden, to all your soil needs…we have the tips, tricks and techniques to help.  In March, a full line of vegetables will be available at Eagle Hardware including:

  • Bell Pepper
  • Celebrity Tomato
  • Better Boy Tomato
  • Big Boy Tomato
  • Cherry Tomato
  • Jalapeno
  • Squash

Are you ready to play in the dirt?  Our seeds just arrived!  We have a variety of bulk seeds and seed packets.  Remember, we also sell garden tools, plant food, fertilizer, potting soil, mulch, and MORE!  If you need it for your garden, chances are we have it!