Stop common plumbing problems from turning into plumbing emergencies!

Deal with plumbing problems immediately!  You can take steps to prevent and repair clogged drains, frozen pipes, and other plumbing pitfalls.

Know how to shut off the water! Turning off the water at the main valve, you can avoid a burst pipe, overflowing tub or other emergency.

Avoid frozen pipes! We may not see a Freeze for a while, but frozen pipes can cause flooding and significant structural damage to your house. Make sure the temperature inside your house never drops below 55º. Insulating the pipes in your crawl spaces and attic can also help prevent them from freezing.

Don’t put grease or oil down the drain! Grease and oil can build up in pipes and cause backups in your home.

Stop hair from going down the drain. It can get stuck tangled and stuck together and act as a barrier, keeping water from traveling smoothly down the pipes.

Need to repair a pipe or drain?  Come see us at Eagle Hardware!  We have the tools, supplies and advice you need to get the repair done right.