Winter gardening sound crazy to you?  Actually, it’s time!  Even though we’ve had snow on the ground and freezing temperatures outside, the coming of the New Year also means for many a time to garden.  It is that time of year to think about onions.  As in years past, Eagle Hardware will have your onion sets beginning the second week in January.  Each set contains 30 plants and will sell for $1.99.  Varieties this year include: White Granix, Red Candy, and Texas 1015.  Should you desire a different variety, call and let us see if we can get it in for you.

If you know it is time for onions, you also know it is time for potatoes.  And, just as Eagle Hardware will have your onions to begin planting, seed potatoes will arrive soon as well.  Currently, Golden Yellow and Red LaSoda will be available.  As more varieties become available, our selection will increase.  Seed potatoes sell fast, so please call (972-635-7878) if you would like us to reserve some for you!