Now at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch, Mojo Lime and Mojo K2O are the leading alkalizing products for raising the soil PH level.  Made by Grasshopper Fertilizer Company, which is committed to creating cost effective nutritional supplements.  Each of these products are developed to resolve specific nutritional deficiencies.

Mojo Lime is a proprietary microsized suspension that maximizes the efficiency of limestone for pH adjustment.  Mojo Lime or Liquid Lime is specifically designed for row crops, hay, pasture, turf, ornamental, greenhouse and fish pond applications.

Mojo K20 is a proprietary Liquid Alkalizer Solution designed to neutralize hydrogen in the soil for pH adjustment and increased nutrient availability.  Mojo K20 is the only product in the industry that has combined the industry’s most advanced alkalizing technology with a high availability Potash fertilizer.  Mojo K20 is specially formulated for row crop, hay, pasture, fruit, vegetable and turf applications.

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