Tree pruningNow is the time! The tree pruning season for Texas is here! You should prune before new growth begins. Unsure what you need or how-to prune? We have provided you with a couple of good resources for you to review and study up on to help. Simply click the links at the bottom of this page. Eagle Hardware is stocked with all the tree trimming tools you need: pole saw pruners, hand pruners, lobbers, chain saws & replacement chains, and pruning sealer. If you would rather let the professionals have a whack at it (pun intended), let me know and I can share with you a couple of reputable arborists to help. Stop by and see us today for any further questions or advice about tree pruning. Happy pruning season!

For tips on how to prune a tree, please click here and for more information on why you need to prune your trees, visit the A&M AgriLife website here.