fleasMay I see a hand (or paw) of who likes fleas?  None.  I didn’t think so.  Fleas have been one of those creatures God created that many have wondered His sanity.  Though not to question His sanity, for surely there is a reason for them.  However finding them on our beloved family pet or around the house can cause our sanity to be tested.  Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch has good news!  We can help with flea control. You will find everything you need to not only keep your sanity, but those flying fens at bay.  Household insecticides like Tempo and Demon work phenomenally well at killing existing fleas and keeping them away for up to 60 days.  And flea dips and shampoos do well at killing fleas ON pets.  For a long term effective way of controlling fleas on pets, any dip or spray with the active ingredient Fipronil is the best.  Bottom line, when treating fleas be sure to have a holistic approach.  Don’t just do the house and not the pet, likewise, don’t just do the pet and not the house/yard.  To keep fleas away, both pet and house/yard have to be treated to kill them and then preventative measures work best.  Thankfully, we everything you need to treat, kill and keep away the creatures from, well, you know.  And, as always, if you need further assistance or have questions, please feel free to stop by and ask.  We are here not just to sell you stuff but to help.  See you soon.