With the appearance of nice days and the grass greening (Finally!), many like you and me will begin to schedule when to worm cattle.  An essential element of cattle care is a regular worming schedule.  Spring is a natural time to do so.  Safe-Guard continues to be the most popular de-wormer on the market. The active ingredient Fenbendazole, is a broad-spectrum de-wormer that treats 95% of all gastrointestinal parasites in not just cattle but sheep, goats, horses and even your family cat and dog.  Safe-Guard comes in various forms and eases of use.  You can choose cattle cubes, cattle blocks, pellets to add to their feed, or even paste.  If you prefer another de-wormer, we have others to choose from as well.  Stop by sometime and let us help you come up with a  de-wormer schedule and choose what best suites your needs.