Fireworks and Your Pets

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Implications of Fireworks on Pets

As the New Year approaches, so does time for celebrations and fireworks. Fireworks are a celebratory gesture, but many people don’t realize the implications they may have on animals. 

According to Dr. Audrey Cook, clinical associate professor at the Texas […]

Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch Holiday Hours

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Happy Holidays from Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch! 
Check out our holiday hours for December and January:

Friday, December 24th:  We will close early, at NOON!
Friday, December 24th:  2pm Church Service
Saturday, December 25th:  Closed
Saturday, January 1st: OPEN

Winter Care for Horses

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Cold weather presents horses with some specific nutritional and management demands. As winter approaches it is a good idea to evaluate horses, housing and feeding programs to insure that horses get through the cold weather in good shape.

All warm-blooded animals have a critical temperature. This is the temperature below which […]

Improving Forage Utilization

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In cattle production, profit depends on achieving a marketable calf per cow bred as well as increasing production efficiency on existing forage sources. Not all land set aside for cattle ranching contains optimal forage sources. Most cattle operations exist on land that cannot sustain […]

Preparing Your Home for Winter

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The fall Equinox is a good time of year to start thinking about preparing your home for winter, because as temperatures begin to dip, your home will require maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape through the winter.

Here are ten tips to help you prepare your home […]

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