They just arrived at Eagle Hardware. Patriot fence chargers are now in stock!  We stock the P50 and P155 solar fence charger and the P10 electric fence charger.

Key features of the P155 solar chargers are:

— It covers up to 10 miles, 40 acres.
— Quick, easy setup!
— High output, low impedance solar electric fence charger
— Includes rechargeable internal sealed 12V battery
— Up to 21 days operation without sunlight
— Sealed circuit design for maximum weather protection
— New energy recycling circuit conserves battery charge by up to 25%
— Battery care system optimizes battery performance
— 5W solar panel
— New laminated impact resistant solar panel
— Tough weather and UV resistant case
— Post mounting system for t-posts, steel posts and wood posts
— Integrated carry handle for portability
— Simple on/off switch


The Patriot P50 covers up to 3 miles or 12 acres with an internal 6W rechargeable battery.

The Patriot P10 is an advanced low impedance fence charger is a dual purpose “go-anywhere” fencer that can be powered by either 110-volt plug-in or 12-volt battery, for indoor or outdoor installation.  Charges up to 30 miles or 100 acres.  Pulse light indicates charger operation.  Includes battery lead and 110-volt power adapter.  Suitable for horses and livestock of all types.  It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

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