Every week in May we will highlight one of our favorite products for the spring season!  Each featured product is something you may need now.

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for May:

May 6 – Bermuda Seed – Eagle offers both lawn and pasture grazing grass seeds.  Don’t need a whole bag?  We sell common Bermuda seed by the pound.  From the simple Coastal Bermuda seed to the latest in hybrid pasture grazing seed, stop by Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch today for yours! –  $9.00/lb.

May 13 – Priefert Gate – 12 foot – Eagle Hardware offers a full line of Priefert gates.  This week’s feature item is the 12 foot tube gate.  Don’t be fooled by big box store gates, they don’t hold up like Priefert’s.  The material and construction is unparalleled.  Priefert is a name you can trust. – $114.

May 20 – Fluidmaster Toilet Repair Kit – The most common toilet repair is not only the least expensive, it is also the cheapest.  The Toilet Fill Valve Kit by Fluidmaster has everything you need to replace the fill valve and flapper.  Fix your toilet today with ease. – $14.79

May 27 – Tempo 2oz. Bottle – There is no greater household insecticide available to the public than Tempo. The 11.8% Beta-cyfluthrin works on everything imaginable.  From ticks, fleas, roaches, spiders, scorpion and yes, even grasshoppers, give Tempo a try.  A two ounce bottle makes two gallons, enough to spray the outside and inside of the average home.  – $19