Every week in July we are highlighting one of our favorite products for the season!  Each featured product is something you may need now.

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for July:

1-Jul   Strategy Healthy Edge  – $17.95

Do not miss a great opportunity to save.  During the entire month of July Eagle Hardware will give you a 4th bag FREE when you purchase 3 bags of Strategy Healthy Edge.  Healthy Edge is quickly becoming one of Purina’s top horse feed.  With the rice bran supplement, “Amplify”, Healthy Edge is a great option for hard keepers and active horses needing that extra push to keep them looking great.  Stop by Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch and take advantage of this great offer!

8-Jul     Stay Tuff 1348-3-200 – $297.00

With its start in New Zealand, Stay-Tuff fencing has become the fence of choice in America today. With it’s fixed knot weave and high tensile steel construction, Stay-Tuff is clearly the best fence made.  Visit Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch today and let us help you choose from the various options.  Purchase fence for the last time on your property.  www.stay-tuff.com

15-Jul    Household Air Filters – $1.99

For a mere pennies a day, you can save dollars each month when you replace your air conditioner’s filter.  It is recommended that filters be changed monthly.  Stop by and pick up a new filter today.  We have a wide range of sizes in stock at Eagle Hardware.  Let us help you start saving today!

22-Jul   Antlermax 20% – $16.45

What to see the growth and size of your deer explode?  Try using what the professional deer breeders are using, Purina Antlermax 20% Protein.  This year, fill your protein feeders up with what is proven to grow big deer.  Stop in to Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch today and we’ll load you up.  http://wildlife.purinamills.com/products/ECMD2-0017371.aspx

29-Jul   Concrete 80# – $4.10

Concrete is never any fun, but always a must.   Whether you are using it for fencing or any other project, concrete seems to be one of those needed but dreaded items.  Luckily you don’t have to go far.  Don’t go where you have to load it yourself, only to unload it again.  Eagle Hardware always has plenty on hand and we are more than happy to load it for you.