Every week in January, we highlight one of our favorite products at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch!  Each featured product is something you may need now as the weather changes, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about!

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for January:

Jan 5 – Farmer’s Almanac – Did you know the Farmer’s Almanac is the oldest North American periodical printed?  In fact, the first edition was printed when George Washington was President!  Every since, the yearly publication has been providing all kinds of useful information.  From planting schedules, to weather forecasts, to helpful articles, the Almanac is a “must have” for folks living in the country and this week’s Featured Item of the Week.  Grab yours while supplies last.

Jan 12 – Deicer – Though we may live in North Texas and be south of the Mason Dixon Line, there are times ice shows up in our neck of the woods.  It may be pretty on the trees but dangerous on our auto’s windshields.  Therefore this week’s Featured Item of the Week is intended to help you stay safe when the outside temperature and moisture falls.  Stop by this week and grab your gallon of windshield deicer and be prepared.

Jan 19 – Galvanized Trash Cans – Old school trash can?  Maybe but this week’s Featured Item of the Week is one of the most useful items Eagle Hardware sells.  Our galvanized trash cans come in 5, 10, 20 and 30 gallon sizes and are used for everything!  Perfect for keeping rodents out of feed, they make great feed storage bins as well as, well… they are trash cans after all.  Stop by and see some old school useful goods!

Jan 26 – Creep Feed – An easy and inexpensive way to give your cattle quality 14% creep feed is to try this week’s Featured Item of the Week.  Purina’s 14% Stocker Grower is one of the best creep feeds found on the market today.  With a balance of protein, fat and minerals your cattle will look great on this feed.  Stop by soon and let us help you load up a few bags to try.  See you then.