Every week in January we highlight one of our favorite products!  Each featured product is something you may need now as the new year starts, the winter season brings some home repair, and you prepare you animals for winter.

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for January:

January 6 – Parvo Shots – Did you know the greatest threat to your new puppy is easily preventable?  Parvo kills more puppies than all other diseases and illness than all the other added together.  Don’t let it rob your new family pet’s life and they joy they bring to your family.  Stop by today and pick your vaccination up today. – $9.00

January 13 – Deicer – Windshield deicer is one of those products where a little goes a long way.  Just a little bit of deicer in your auto’s washer fluid tank goes a long way on one of those frosty morning or ice storms that we’ve recently experienced.  Come see us and we’ll even help add it to your car’s reservoir. –  $4.90

January 20 – Wind and Rain Hi Mag Cattle Mineral – As grasses will soon grow, so does your cattle’s need for magnesium.  With the fresh green grasses of spring, cattle can develop what is known as Grass Tetany.  Grass Tetany is a metabolic disorder when cattle do not have enough magnesium in their system and can be fatal.  It is easily spotted as cattle will act nervous or have trouble walking.  It is preventable.  An easy prevention is to provide Wind and Rain Hi Mag Cattle Minerals for consumption. – $24.09

January 27 – PVC Pipe, Glue, and Primer – Regardless how (and we know there are countless ways), eventually you’ll see that pooling of water, hear the dreaded drip, or step in mud where there shouldn’t be mud.  All will be signals of something wrong.  Luckily Eagle Hardware has everything you need to make your PVC repair in stock.  No need to drive to the big boxes when we’re right here in the neighborhood.