Here are a few tips to get you started on caring for your flock or new baby chick. Call or stop by Eagle Hardware with any questions. We are always happy to help!

1. Keep Your Distance

Restrict access to your property and birds. Consider fencing off the area where you keep your birds, possibly creating a barrier.

2. Keep It Clean

Keep cages and all equipment clean with disinfectant. Change water and food daily. Wear clean clothes and shoes that are only to be worn when caring for your birds.

3. Don’t Haul Disease Home

If you have been near any other birds, disinfect your car and tires to minimize the risk of carrying disease. Any new birds should be kept separate from your flock for at least 30 days.

4. Don’t Borrow Disease from Neighbors

Do not share lawn and garden equipment, tools, or poultry supplies with your neighbors or other bird owners. If you do, thoroughly disinfect all items.

5. Know the Warning Signs of Infectious Bird Disease

Early detection is important in preventing the spread of disease. To name a few symptoms: increase in sudden bird deaths in your flock, sneezing, gasping for air, coughing, and nasal discharge.

6. Report Sick Birds

Call your local vet, your agricultural extension office, or the USDA.


Source: United States Department of Agriculture. Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service