ist1_5617705-toolbox-construction-home-improvement-repair-tools-isolatedJanuary Home Improvement Tips

It’s the start of a New Year and time to get your house in shape for the coming year.  A few quick weekend jobs will get you started.

Have creaks and squeaks?  Oil the hinges on doors, cabinets, windows and anything else that’s making noise.  This is a project that is so easy to put off, but the start of the year is a great time to quit putting it off and get rid of those creaks and squeaks.

Need to spruce a room in a hurry?  Try a coat of paint.  Check out our huge variety of paint colors and make an old room new again!  Then plan to visit The Primitique inside Eagle Hardware Famr & Ranch.  The Primitique features vintage home and garden décor.

Put Away Holiday Decorations!–The holidays are officially over, so January’s first weekend is the perfect time for a home improvement project:  putting away those sparkly decorations.  Remove all of your holiday decorations and while you are taking them down examine them for any damages.  Check to make sure all the light are working, replace any burned out bulbs and make certain the holiday season has not caused wires to fray.  

To store your holiday lights, cut some cardboard into 12 by 9 pieces and wrap the lights around it to keep them tidy and at the ready for next year.  Be sure to store decorative items in clear plastic bins so you know exactly what is in there and to be sure moisture does not deteriorate any of the cheer.  Place all stored items at the back of your storage area to allow the current seasonal items to be accessible.

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