Everyone likes a well kept lawn.  Each year families spend hundreds of dollars on their lawn.  And each spring I am asked, “What can I buy to get my grass to grow?”  Eagle Hardware sells plenty of gardening supplies, fertilizer, lime, corn meal, and organic matter, to help lawns flourish.  I’m afraid our customers are asking the wrong question.  Instead of asking, “What can I buy?” the question, “What can I do?” is the better one.

The first step in determining what to buy, is to back up and determine what the soil and/or lawn needs.  A simple soil test should be done.  They are quick, easy and the results tell you exactly what you need to have a lush lawn and a super producing garden.  They are also extremely important in the production of forage in the field as they determine Ph adjustments and fertilizer requirements.

The quickest and easiest soil testing is done with the Texas A&M Extension Service.  Instructions and submittal forms are found at: http://soiltesting.tamu.edu/files/soilwebform.pdf

After you get your soil tested, bring your results to Eagle Hardware and we’ll help get your grass green and your pasture lush.