garden workshop

Ever wanted to start a project and simply feel overwhelmed?  When it comes to lawn care and gardening, more do than don’t.  There just seems to be so much to it.  What to trim?  When to trim?  How to trim?  Grass.  What should I plant?  How much do I plant?  Do I fertilize it or wait?  Weeds.  Is this a weed or not?  And I’m not even touching on anything related to vegetable gardening.  Good thing is, Eagle Hardware is here to help.  We do not expect you to know all the answers before walking in the door and make your purchases.  Nor do we allow you to blindly make your selection without knowing if what you are buying is best in your particular situation.  Though we would never proclaim to know it all, we do know just a little bit more than most and are more than happy to share what we know with you.  We do so you can leave Eagle Hardware confident you can do in your garden and lawn what you intend to accomplish.

And in that same desire to be more of a help than just sell you “stuff”, Eagle Hardware’s next workshop is just around the corner and is intended to help you outside.  Not just familiarize yourself with the outdoors again now that spring is upon us but get you the information and resources you need to have that lawn looking like you would like and your garden producing bountifully.  Mark your calendars now and be a part of a informative and fun evening at the hardware store.  You would be surprised what you’d learn in the barn at the hardware store.

In the meantime, don’t know where to begin?  If there is nothing else you do to your lawn, now is the time to put a good post-emergent weed killer out that has a blend of fertilizer mixed in.  We are at the point in spring when the weeds are green and the grass is just now beginning to grow.  A good weed and feed is a good start and the very minimum one should do to the lawn right now. Fireants are on the march too!  Amdro and Surrender are great products to send them to ant Heaven.  Look for an Ant article next month!

It is not too early to RSVP now.  Call 972-635-7878, come by the store or sign up below and let us put you on the list!  And until we see you, happy gardening.

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