Though it may be difficult to wrap one’s brain around gardening right now, it is the time to begin thinking in that direction.  Granted, “difficult” may be putting it lightly.  Even now, there is a sheet of snow and ice covering all that one sees.  Winter may still be here but spring is soon to follow.  Promise.

After one of the longest and coldest winter in years, the time has finally come to get the garden going.  You don’t need to go far and stand in aisles of vastness at the big box stores and wonder what you need and where it is.  Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch has all you need to get your lawn going.  But to start it off right this year, as in years past, we are offering free assistance to everyone who would like their soil analyzed.  Taking this critical first step saves time and aggravation but even more so, money.  Why spend dollars you may or may not need when you can have your soil tested by the Texas A&M Soil Laboratory and discover exactly what your beds, garden or lawn needs?

All you need to do is print off the form via the link here and following the instructions.  Once you have the sample in hand, make your way down here and we will take care of the rest.  In approximately a week you will receive your results and we will be here to help you not only make sense of the report but also help you decide what to do next.  If we don’t have what you need based upon the analysis, we will help you get what you need or tell you where to go.  It is as simple as that.  We have already done dozens this year and am happy to offer this service to our community.

Too, you will want to take note of the upcoming Garden Workshop.  On April 16, not only will we feed you dinner but will also spend the evening helping you with your lawn and garden needs and questions.  However, if that evening doesn’t work, no worries, Eagle Hardware prides itself in customer service and helping educate customers make smart purchasing decisions.  We aren’t just about selling you stuff, it’s about giving you the assistance needed to be successful in gardening and just about everything around the homestead or farm.  It is not too early to RSVP now.  Call 972-635-7878, come by the store or sign up below and let us put you on the list!  And until we see you, happy gardening.

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