food pantryWith the holidays now upon us, many are beginning now to figure out who’s to be where for Thanksgiving and who’s to bring what as well.  No doubt that meal that we look forward to all year is one of the most thought out and prepared of them all.  Many will even eat that meal on fine china that’s been past down through the family.  Most of us will eat more than we should.  May I challenge you to do something different?  This year as you go shopping for that once a year meal, will you think about your neighbor?  Maybe not so much your neighbor next to you but your neighbor who might be less fortunate than you?  This year Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch is excited to help you help your neighbor and those in need.  During the entire month of November there will be a Brookshire’s Grocery Store shopping basket in our store.  We will use it as a collection point for non-perishable food donations that will benefit our local Food Pantry in Royse City.  So as you shop this next month, shop for your less fortunate neighbor and drop off your donation at the store.  We are blessed and look forward to helping you bless others.