This year has been an exceptional year for rain and it seems everyone’s minds are on doing things outdoors.  The weather is nice.  The grass is green.  Getting out and enjoying being out is a must.  And while we enjoy being outdoors, the flying pests of God’s creation are enjoying feasting on our flesh.  Do not let the frustration of the flying varmint kind prevent you from doing what you enjoy.  There are plenty of tools to pack away in one’s arsenal to combat these evil creatures.

Organic first.  With the rise in awareness of what we put out and on to treat mosquitoes and flies, Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch has plenty to offer.  The Patio Egg sounds and looks kooky but it works.  The natural scent of lemon grass oil in the egg shaped diffuser keeps mosquitoes away.  There is the citronella granular one can sprinkle in the lawn and shrubbery to keep mosquitoes away .  Then there is always the familiar citronella candles.

Traditional.  Though traditional can mosquito sprays continue to be the top selling “tool”, there are also now the trendy mosquito repellants that clip on.  Not far behind are the common outdoor foggers and sprays.  And who hasn’t heard of Avon’s Skin So Soft?

The crazy thing is, it isn’t just us that these creatures buzz.  Horses, dogs, cats, goats, cows, you name it, they are bothered by them as well.  Good thing is, there are treatments for them too.  Many livestock sprays on the market today are safe for most family pets.  There is one spray that is even created for “horse and rider”.  Creativity seems to be the name of the game when it comes to flying pests and livestock.  Now there are rubs, sprays and even minerals animals can ingest to combat flies.

Bottom line, why be miserable being outside or put off doing what you would like to when there are things you can do to prevent the pests from devouring you?  And of course should you need help determining what’s best in your situation or how you might be more effective, never hesitate to ask.