fly controlThough not of Biblical proportion (yet), flies this year are already bad and a terrible nuisance.  Be them nagging you while you enjoy the outdoors, a barn inundated with them or the little buggers bothering your livestock, Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch has what you need to send those pests to a galaxy far far away.  Depending upon your individual problem, we’d like to help.  Livestock do their best when the stress of flies are far from them.  Though fly control cattle tubs are the easiest and most convenient, ear tags, sprays and rubs are also excellent options for livestock.  Insecticides like Atroban, Permethin, and Lixtox are safe and familiar on the farm and can be used as sprays, drenches and on rubs for most animals.

Horses have their own arsenal available to owners.  There is a plethora to choose from including sprays like Pyranha, Bronco and others.  Fly masks have become popular in fly control for horses.  The masks simply fit over the head of the horse and keep flies at bay.  There is also Equispot, a systemic fly control available.  Equispot works much like the flea control with just a few drops on their backs lasting 30 days.

And just as there are multiple ways to keep flies away for our animals, there are many options for the home as well.  Sprays and foggers remain popular but there is an increasing demand for alternatives.  Fly bait, bags, and traps offer those alternatives. Even metered fly spray devices offer a great way to keep those pesks away.

So though there may be options galore, do not fret.  Stop by Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch and let us help.  Tell us what you are trying to accomplish and we will help you decide on the best control route for you.  We’ll see you soon.