Every year around Easter, there seems to be a commonality that exists among your neighbors and our customers.  I know it is the time of year and the optimal weather to be outdoors doing things but it never ceases to amaze me how we all (yep, even your hardware store guy) find ourselves doing some of the very same things.  Yes, there are the normal spring yard clean-ups, fertilizing, weeding, gardening but did you have any idea that you are not alone when it comes to fencing and making those needed fence repairs?  Good news right?  It gets better.  Not only are you not alone but you also do not have to go far for your supplies.  Literally everything you need from making those fence repairs to a full-blown full-scale fence project, Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch has everything you need. We have T-posts, field fencing, wood posts, barbed wire, concrete, electric fencing chargers, insulators and wire and much more!  Stop in and see us today for your needed fencing repair or redo.