Starting in February, Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch introduces a Featured Item of the Week!  Every week, we will highlight one of our products that is a best seller, customer favorite, on sale, seasonal, hard to find, or just because we like it!   Here are our Featured Items of the Week for February:

February 4 – All Stock Pellets – Economical and without molasses, Purina All Stock 12% Pellet is Best Seller! – $9.99

February 11 – Rain Gauge – Rainy season in Texas is almost here! Know exactly how many inches you are getting by using a rain gauge! – $5.89

February 18 – Case Knife Trapper – Case Knives are built with quality and made in the U.S.A.!!  The yellow handle makes the Trapper easy to spot! – $44.99

February 25 – Equine Colic Relief – For horse owners, colic is one of their worst fears.  It can lead to expensive surgery and sometimes death.  Ask us about our customer testimonial!  We love this product!  – $85.00