father's day giftsFather’s Day is Sunday, June 21. What father doesn’t want to spend a day at the spa this coming Father’s Day?  Or receive a beautiful floral arrangement? Or better yet, a stunningly hand carved plastic molded thingy jewelry box or fuzzy house slippers to celebrate the day?  Ahhhh not being sexist but most men probably would not.  However, after a recent poll at Eagle Hardware of all dads shopping in our store, we have set aside the Top 5 Father’s Day gifts our dads polled said they’d enjoy receiving:

#5 – Case knives are always a popular gift idea and this year new styles are in and stocked.

#4 – There is a new heavy duty claw hammer that fits the hand perfectly!

#3 – The Eagle ball cap. The fathers we polled said they’d love to show the world where they shop.

#2 – The Yeti Rambler is something we flat cannot keep in stock but has plenty ready for Father’s Day.

#1 – And, of course, the #1 gift our dads said they’d love to receive…a Yeti cooler…any Yeti cooler!

These are just a few, but at Eagle Hardware, who couldn’t find something for Father’s Day?

In closing (and wanting to remain politically correct (not really)), if the father in your life does like the scent of a fresh candle, while here do take a look at the new summer scented Candles by Carol.  There’s certainly a scent he would enjoy.  So Happy Father’s Day and we’ll see you soon!