Believe it or not, now is the time to book your fall grass at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch! A winter pasture is an easy way to lower one’s feed costs. It is easy to establish and provides an effective means of protein during the cold wet winter months. Stop by today

Establishing winter pastures is must for young growing animals and fall is the time for overseeding. Eagle Hardware has Rye Grass, Winter Wheat, and Oats.

Your seeding rate should be as follows:
Rye Grass Seed Only – 30-50 lbs/acre
Winter Wheat Only – 50-100 lbs/acre
Oats Only – 50-100 lbs/acre
Rye Grass and Grain Mix (Winter Wheat & Oats) – overseeded at 25% rye seed and 75% grain mix/acre

Don’t forget to fertilize! Just because winter is approaching, it doesn’t mean that the plants stop growing.