Fall Cow-Calf Management Reminders


• Beginning in late October or November, provide supplemental feed for bulls on dry grass according to age and condition.

• Evaluate cows’ body condition score (BCS) at weaning.  Develop winter nutrition program to have cows at a BCS of six at calving to enhance rebreeding performance.


• Check with your Extension office for information on educational meetings about livestock and forage production


• If fall calving, lactating cows need to be in good condition for breeding, a BCS of at least 5.5.

• Treat cattle for lice if needed.

• If spring calving, check the weaned steer and heifer calves regularly to produce desired gains.

• In spring calving enterprises, if culling is not completed in September and october, it should be completed this month.


• Check your financial management plan and make appropriate adjustments before the end of the year.

• Monitor the herd continuously for health problems.

• Treat cows for internal parasites if needed.

• If spring calving, identify the purebred herds and test stations at which you want to look for herd sires.  Check sale dates and review performance criteria to use.