Every week in December we highlight one of our favorite products!  Each featured product is something you may need now as the season changes, hunting season continues, and you prepare you animals for winter.

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for December:

December 2 – Hay Ring – Need an effective way to maximize hay consumption?  Try the economical welding hay rings at Eagle Hardware.  Stop by this week and save more than just hay, save money! – $105

December 9 – Duct Tape As much as one may make fun of the multiple uses of duct tape, duct tape remains one of those, “must haves” in the toolbox.  If the Christmas stocking has worn a hole, try duct tape.  Get your roll today at Eagle Hardware. – $4.79

December 16 – Horse Wormer – A healthy horse is a horse that is on a de-worming schedule.  The week’s Featured Item of the Week is Ivermectin.  Let us show you how to help you have a healthy horse.  See you soon. – $8

December 23 – Purina Healthy Edge Horse Feed – Healthy Edge is quickly becoming one of the most popular feeds Purina Mills produces.  The 12% protein and 4% fat is the perfect horse feed for so many of today’s horses.  $17.95

December 30 – Kerosene Heaters – The cold temperatures are here and, by the looks of it, are here for a while.  Eagle Hardware has both electric and kerosene heaters to help warm you up.  Be sure to stop by and let us show you a few options. $99.99