protein tubEagle Hardware Farm and Ranch sells the CRYSTALYX® Rolyx®Pro-Mag for Protein/Fly Control.  This supplement tub is a dual purpose, low-moisture block, formulated with added protein and magnesium. It is designed to be self-fed to cattle and horses consuming moderate to good quality forages, fescue forages, low magnesium forages, or forages with high potassium concentrations that interfere with magnesium absorption.  It is energy dense and highly fortified with trace minerals and vitamins.

In addition to the above, this supplement tub from Crystalyx also contains RABON®, the proven-effective oral larvicide, to prevent the development of horn flies, face flies, house flies and stable flies in the manure of treated animals.  Questions on this tub or any of our other tubs, please stop in and see us today.