Cleaning your home’s air filter is one of the easiest and most important steps you can take to protect your heating and cooling system. Without an air filter, dust can adhere to the working unit. Dirty units can result in anything from inefficiency to fire, so don’t overlook this simple maintenance!

Your home’s air filter is usually found behind a vent, called a return. A flat wall cold air return is normally near or on the ceiling. A baseboard cold air return can be flat or slanted and is typically located at or near floor level. Your home may have more than one return, so be sure to clean them all.

Some air filters are made to be cleaned, while others are disposable and should be replaced. If you are unsure which type you have, a quick internet search for the brand will clue you in; however, it’s safe to assume that filters with cardboard frames are not meant to be reused.

Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch has a wide selection of air filters.  Give us a call or stop in to see our selection.  We’ll set you up with the right type and size.