christmas eveAs Christmas approaches many of you will experience the same yearly tradition of filling up one’s calendar or overbooking oneself.  And before you know it, Christmas is here.  One of those events that most make a priority is attending a Christmas Eve service somewhere.  For six years now, Eagle Hardware has hosted a community wide Christmas Eve service.  If you are relatively new to our store, you might be thinking, “What?”  That’s right, this December 24 at 2:00 pm many will find themselves here at a hardware store celebrating Christmas Eve.  Don’t worry about it being long and drawn out.  Forty-five minutes, promise.  What to wear?  You’re coming to the hardware store, enough said.

Though in a nontraditional location, the service is traditional and meaningful to many.  There will be Christmas carols, snacks, fun, the Christmas story read and a short reminder to us all what Christmas is all about.  Make plans now to join us and we celebrate Christmas Eve together.