chick workshopAs many of you have participated and experienced, Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch has hosted a number of workshops in the past to help educate our customers and community.  Topics have ranged from cattle to chicks to cucumbers.  We have been overwhelmed at the response and plan on building on them in 2015.  The first is Ladies Night Out in a few nights (read further in this newsletter) but the second and one of the most popular is the Chicken and Wild Bird Workshop March 18 at 6:30pm.  If you currently have chickens, plan on getting chicks, or are simply curious what the ruckus is all about, make plans to be at Eagle Hardware on this night.  Not only will we learn all about raising and keeping chickens, we will also have the privilege of adding the topic of feeding wild birds in our area.  Eagle Hardware sells more birdseed that one would believe.  This year we will take some time to learn the difference in feed and learn best how to attract them and enjoy their presence.  Please do not forget to RSVP soon by calling the store at 972-635-7878 or online here using the form below. We had over 100 attendees last year in the barn. Space is limited and we know the workshop will fill fast.  See you there!

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