When owning an air conditioner, it is important to maintain it by replacing parts from time to time. Changing your air conditioner filter can bring new life to the cooling system in your home and help keep your air unpolluted by dust and air pollutants. Changing the filter can also save your air conditioner from disrepair in the future.

Getting Ready

Before you ever work on an appliance, it is important to make sure that no electricity is going to the appliance, no matter how safe your particular procedure may be. Locate your users manual for any information on where to find your filter compartment or what kind of filter you need to purchase for your unit.

Purchasing Your Air Filter

Make sure that you purchase the correct air filter for your unit, as other filters would not give you the right results. Most appliance stores carry filters and can help you find the right one for your model.

There are different styles of air filters as well. If you live in a climate that is warm all year long, you may want to get a high-efficiency filter. These will be a little more expensive but you will not need to change your filter as often as you would with a regular filter. High efficiency filters not only trap dust particles but pollen and mold as well.

There are other filters that help with humidity, allergies and other ailments. These can range in prices as well depending on their quality and how long they will last.

Remove the Filter Compartment

If you have your users manual, it should explain where the filter compartment is located. If you can’t find the manual, check the air condition ductwork for it. It is usually covered with a metal slotted door, but depending on your model the door could be made of plastic.

The compartments usually just slide in and out of place but some occasionally have screws that you need to unscrew.

Remove the Old Filter

Take out the old filter, taking note of which way it was installed. Some filters may need to be placed in a specific way to make sure that the airflow works properly. You may need to unscrew the filter, but once it is removed you may discard it, or if possible, recycle it.

Install New Filter

Once the old filter is discarded, install the new filter in the same way the old filter had been and attach the filter cover back to your unit.

Write Down the Replacement Date

Depending on the type of filter you purchased, you could have to replace it in as little as a month. Read the information on the packaging about the filter and write down the day you will need to install a new one somewhere where you will see it and remember to repeat the process.

Making sure that you change your filter often will ensure that your air conditioner will continue to give the results you need.