If you, like many, are experiencing an exorbitant high number of flies on your cattle this year, here’s one solution to consider.  Cattle Rubs are an extremely effective way of controlling flies on cattle.  A cattle rub can be made out of a number of supplies.  A sturdy material like chain, wire or cable should act as the core for the cattle rub.  The inner core should then be wrapped with burlap (or another heavy duty material).  There are also pre-made rubs available on the market today.  cattle rubThese rubs or the farm-made rubs act as the insecticide-carrying portion of the cattle rub when you soak it in safe but effective insecticide such as Atroban.  Eagle Hardware sells the highly effective Atroban as well as the pre-made cattle rubs.  To experience a prolonged effect of the fly control, many insecticides can be mixed with diesel fuel for use on cattle rubs.

Place this assembly between two fence posts about 15 or 20 feet apart. The cattle rub should sag so the lowest point of the rub is about 2 feet above the ground. Cattle will learn to duck their heads under the cattle rub and walk under it, spreading the chemicals in the cattle rub along their backs.

You want to place the cattle rub in an area where cattle gather several times throughout the day.  Some like to place them near water ponds or tanks.

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