Are you a cattle raiser?  We have a workshop for you!  Save the date and RSVP soon.  Please join us on Tuesday, June 24 at 12pm in The Barn @ Eagle Hardware for our Cattle Raisers Workshop and Luncheon.

Cattle prices continue to be at an all-time high, yet at the same time so is the price of hay.  With more and more people being selective on herd population and deciding to get into or out of the cattle business, there is an ever increasing demand to be as effective as possible for those raising cattle.  Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch does not want to just sell cattle feed, it also wants to be a resource for all of its cattle customers.  Therefore on June 24, Eagle Hardware is hosting a special luncheon and workshop.  Dr Larry Kimberlin of Crossroads Veterinary Clinic in Greenville, Texas will be our host.  He will give a brief overview of effective worming and vaccination programs for our herds.  In addition to Dr Kimberlin’s presence, we will also have feed specialists from Purina Mills as well as Lone Star Feeds.  Also, other vendors in the cattle industry will attend as well to show and answer questions regarding their products.

Of course, you know if we are having a workshop, we’ll also provide a FREE luncheon provided by Richards Smokehouse!  RSVP for this cattle workshop in the store, by calling us at 972-635-7878 or online here using the form below.

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