1901, any idea what happened in that year?  Any guesses?  That was when Texas adopted the Bluebonnet as the state flower.  Lupinus texensis to the brainiacs out there, Bluebonnets to me.  Over the course of the last few weeks many have asked about planting the colorful flower that so many of us appreciate on the roadsides around Easter each year.  Though the typical planting season is the fall, it is still possible to experience those vibrant colors this Spring.  One pound covers around 1500 square feet.  The soil preparation isn’t too hard and success is often experienced for first year planters.  One need to scar (but isn’t necessary) the receiving soil and broadcast liberally.  Rake the seed in if possible and keep moist until germination.  As many of you think about your spring garden, if you’d still like to get some spring flower seeds out, just stop by and see us. A 1 pound bag of seeds sells for $24.99 at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch.