I am sure everyone has heard their share of “good news and bad news” teaser.  The statement always seems to be followed by the question, “What would you like to hear first?”.  This time you don’t get a choice as to what comes first, the good news!  Yep, lakes and ponds are full, the lines to stock those ponds with fish are long, grass is green, and our drought seems years ago.  Yes, the rainfall of last year and this spring thus far is refreshing and nice to have.  But, there is not so much good news in all that rain.  Sorry.  According to the much more knowledgeable folks than me, this years is going to be a whopper for all the pests that we don’t like or want.  Pests from the creepy crawly, kind both inside and out, to the green growing kind out in your lawn, pasture and pond, they’re here!  Like them or not, unless we take a proactive approach to rid ourselves of the pests, the persnickety things will bug (pun very much intended) us like mad this summer.

However, there is help.  There is now such a wide variety of tools one can have to combat each and every unwanted pest you experience.   In the every growing trend to be more earth and eco-friendly, there is a wide variety of products to combat bugs like with Diatomatious earth to weed control with corn gluten.  Even the other products considered family and farm friendly are super effective.  Insect control like Demon and Tempo give you professional strength without the commercial cost of an exterminator.  Weed control, be it total weed control with RM43 or selective weed control with MSMA, you want it gone, it sure can be.  Oh and poor ponds.  Get ready, algae will be good and green AND will grow like mad this year.  Rest assured we have options for it as well.

Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch knows how daunting of a task it can be to combat the plethora of pests out there.  Know that we stand ready to help you determine what you have and give you the best options available.   We are ready to help, just stop by and see us.