Every week in August, we highlight one of our favorite products at Eagle Hardware Farm and Ranch!  Each featured product is something you may need now, it may be a new product we are carrying, an item that is on sale, or it just may be a product we think you plain just need to know about!

Here are our Featured Items of the Week for August:

August 4 – Septic Tank Lids and Risers – Where some try to avoid those round green things in our backyards, others do their very best to destroy them.  Though they are intended to be unobtrusive and almost “hidden” somehow they still seem to be mowed over, ran over, crushed or any countless other means of destruction happen to them.  Now those fortunate to find and need to replace one’s septic tank lid or riser, Eagle Hardware proudly stocks the two most common sizes.  Next time your round green lid isn’t so “airtight” stop by and let us help! – Prices vary depending on size.

August 11 – HB Hunting Products EZ Reach Broadcast Feeder  – Those who know or who do their research or reading-up know that HB Hunting Products make some of the best feeders on the market today.  This week’s Feature Item of the Week is their new EZ Reach Broadcast Feeder.  No more hassling with preventing varmints from destroying your timer and/feeder with makeshift cages or barriers.  HB EZ Reach is not only “EZ” to stand beside and fill, but the engineering of this feeder prevents any animal from reaching in and tampering with your timer and/or broadcast spinner.  Finally a feeder that’s “EZ” to fill and easy to protect. – 400# – $660.00, 650# – $780

August 18 – Deer Corn – If you haven’t bought corn for this year’s deer season, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Thankfully the rains have hit just right in just the right places and corn prices are below last year’s.  And to acknowledge the savings, Eagle Hardware is now stocking a variety of deer corn and competitive prices.  From whole deer corn to flavored corn, to roasted soybean/corn mixture, stop by today and load up.  Hint – Look for an amazing corn special during Eagle Hardware’s Wildlife Expo September 11, 2014!

August 25 – Hay – Sq Horse Bales – Square Coastal hay bales that have 18% protein possible?  Yep they sure are. This week’s Featured Item of the Week is our Coastal square bales.  They have been tested by Texas A&M Forage Lab and copies are available upon request.  We proudly sell the finest.  Stop by and see for yourself.