The recent dry days… No, the recent dry weeks… Still, no.  Try again.  The recent dry months have caused me to rethink the arid days leading up before a well known man begins to make the world’s first boat.  Not only were the days dry but the people were acting crazy as well.  I am sure you immediately agree with the parched pastures of area and see the correlation but the people you ask?  Oh, are they ever here too!  It doesn’t take an examination of too many customers to realize from where I base my summation.  From Norma who does her weekly feed shopping early Saturday mornings in her cowboy boots and pjs to the boys who just couldn’t get their electric fence to work after three trips to the store to understand.  Granted it was working the whole time; it just took them pulling off their cowboy boots and grabbing hold of the 5000 joule, 14 gauge, galvanized, light my fire wire for them to walk back into Eagle (albeit a little inebriated) and then announce “it works”!  Then there’s Debbie who brings her goats in (not to..) the store for me to make her male goats not be so “male” anymore!  Makes me think.  Dry days.  People acting strangely.  Here me say, if you begin to see a boat being constructed out front of Eagle Hardware, do not be alarmed.  I am only taking up a new little hobby, ark construction!

While I consider becoming the author of Union Valley’s new Boat Building Blog, let me encourage you to consider some of the following.  The first is simply water conservation.  Though you hear it all the time and see the message just as often, the encouragement of conserving our most precious resource can never be before us too much.  With that said, do your part and make sure you, your family and house are not too leaky.  Eagle Hardware has everything you need to fix that drip, drop and leak thus saving two precious things, your money and our water.

The second is taking care of your livestock during these dry days.  Providing fresh water is essential to the survival and wellbeing of all animals, be it household pets or pasture residents.  One not look too far for multiple options in keeping fresh water available to your friends.  Stop in and let us show you everything from stock tanks to automatic waterers.  We have a solution.

Finally, Burn Ban!  We’ve reached the point where our county officials have issued that two word phase that changes things for us living in the country.  Recently the residents of Hunt County were placed under strict guidelines preventing the burning of brush and open trash.  With the recent absence of rain, though it may be inconvenient, is only for a time.  Just as soon as it’s safe, the ban will be lifted and we’ll do our part to keep you informed.

Please be sure to keep reading.  The fall season is full of activities and events you’ll want to be sure to be aware of.

See you soon!