IMG_0240Spring, one of our favorite times of the year.  The snow is gone, the trees are blooming and it’s time to spend more time outside. Stop by Eagle Hardware Farm & Ranch for your tomato, and pepper plants!

Planting & Sowing:

  • Now is the time to plant St. Augustine and hybrid Bermuda sod.  Make good ground contact and keep moist until new roots are established.  Common Bermuda can be started from seed, but it is best to use hydro mulch.  In either case keep the area moist for several weeks.
  • Plant warm weather annuals.  Those that do best in the sun are zinnias, moss rose, purslane, butterfly week, lantana, sweet potato vines, Dahlberg daily and Angelonia.  Shade annuals include begonias, coleus, and impatiens.
  • Start that vegetable garden!  It’s not too late for cucumbers, squash and melons.  Okra, peas, corn, green beans and watermelon can also be planted.
  • Hold off until May for hot weather tropicals, including hibiscus.

Fertilizing and Pruning:

  • Apply a high nitrogen fertilizer to lawns.
  • Start mowing those yards & lawns.  Set your mower to 1 1/2 inches for Bermuda grass and 2 1/2 inches for St. Augustine.
  • If you have a mulching mover leave the grass clippings on the ground.  They will provide a source of nitrogen to feed the lawn.

Happy Gardening!