As I stood and gazed at the sea of people before me, something kept catching my eye.  You would think it was the droves of children running madly toward the gate.  Nor was it the motorized carts weaving in and out of the sea of people that lay before me.  However, heads up.  Get out of the way of both.  If the swarming, screaming, excited, children don’t get you, the dazed driver of those four wheel monster carts might.  Though quite small, those driving them sometimes forget their size and think they are the vehicles of the Saturday night mud-dog festivals and nothing can stand against them, baby in stroller included!

What caught my eye that morning were the two round black circles on the tops of heads.  Some wearing them proudly, others off to the side as a sign of exhaustion.  I know you’ve seen them.  Yet up to this particular day, I had only seen them on TV and in the movies.  Wow, old and young alike were wearing them.  Didn’t matter age, race, height, or size, they were there.  These Mickey Mouse ears adorned the tops of hundreds before me.  I vowed then and there not to be succumbed to the masses and be “moused” with ears.

Yet as my bewilderment of the ears ebbed away, I found myself memorized at the masses of people before me.  So many I couldn’t even guesstimate.  As I stood there, a sense of “something must be going on here” came over me.  See, every once in a while I attend the Purina Expo and this year it was held at Disney World (emphasis on the “world”).  What a place.  I now know why they call it world.  If you’ve been there you know what I’m talking about.  If not, you’ll just have to take my word for it.  When you are there, there is no other place like it.  It really is another world.  What kept nagging me was, what makes this place so different that causes so many people to visit it 365 days of the year and to be so successful since 1971.

After being there a mere hours I began to realize what it was.  I can best summarize it by simply stating this: Disney is all about taking care of their visitors!  From the moment one arrives they never lose the sense that they are important and will be taken care of while on vacation.  Disney gets it!!!  It is all about taking care of those who choose to vacation there.  From the smiles and the constant, “may we help you?” to the immaculate grounds and facilities, their guests are treated as such, “guests”.  People just like you and me who have made a decision to spend their money there rather than elsewhere.  Disney honors that with treating their visitors well.  There is much to be learned from Disney.  Though I would never conceivable consider being anything like Walt Disney, I do desire to be the same.

I am sure you are thinking, Risinger, you are out your mind!  You can’t relate Disney World to Eagle Hardware.  A jump it may be, but what they do right, I want us to do right, take care of you!  From keeping the parking lot clear of trash, to the floors dusted, to you being greeted when you come in the door.  I have long said, I know there are choices as to where to buy your feed, farm supplies and hardware, but that you chose to shop here is appreciated.  The least we can do it have clean bathrooms and treat you like you would treat others.  And, as trite as it may sound, we do our best to honor you with as competitive prices as we can.  So again, thank you for shopping with us.

And though you may never ever see me wearing mouse ears at Eagle Hardware, rest assured you’ll always find me greeting you as you walk in the door wearing  my A&M ball cap (WHOOP) with sunglasses resting on top, some variation of a blue shirt on and ready to help you.  I leave you with one last thought.  Since those that love Disney so much enhance their experience by wearing mouse ears, you could do the same while at Eagle you know?  Just put on your favorite A&M ball cap and proudly enter your next shopping experience at Eagle Hardware.  Who knows??  Discounts might await!

See you soon!