aggieI thought I’d never admit to it but I must.  I must admit before a group of my peers (well, you at least) an addiction.  Yes, I’m sad to say, I am addicted to light night TV.  I can’t stop watching it.  He is soooo funny.  Jimmy Kimmel is the funniest and most entertaining man I have ever watched.  Not to offend you Carson lovers but Kimmel…well, he ROCKS! (Do I sound hip yet?)

If you are not familiar with some of his antics on his show, some of them are absolutely hilarious.  Always clean and never vulgar.  One that I enjoy is when he asks parents to hide all their kids Halloween candy and video them as they are informed the parents ate it all.  The reaction of the kid’s faces are always a riot.  A few years back he talked a few parents into wrapping packages at Christmas and hide them under the tree for the children Christmas morning.  When the excited children tore into the perfectly wrapped packages, the voidness of the empty packages is deafening, deflating and downright depressing.  The look on the disappointed children is painful to watch and bordered on the downright mean….no, not bordered.  It was mean!  Kimmel only did that once.

But it got me to thinking…..

I bet you know where I’m going with this!  No, I’m not going to start taking products out of their packages and secretly video your reaction.  But I pen this on the evening of Easter and my mind is pondering.  Regardless of what you did or how you may have celebrated it or not, children around the world this morning are received Easter eggs all filled with stuff.  Many went on wild Easter Egg Hunts to search out, find, and bring home the loot.  Oh we stuff money, candy, toys, more candy and the like, all to surprise the children as they open their “finds”.

Eggs all filled.  Filled with fun!  And therein lies my new idea!  I think from here on out, we don’t ever EVER put stuff in our eggs we hide.  See, this week I got to thinking.  Why do we celebrate Easter?  We do so because a few hundreds of years ago, two ladies went to the grave of a man and found it what?  Not full but EMPTY.  And because they found it empty all those years ago, we find ourselves where we are today.  Whether you believe what happened Easter morning really did happen or not (I, personally do.), you still somehow observed Easter. So, empty is good!

And though Easter may be over, who knows maybe there’s still one final hidden egg at Eagle Hardware.  And guess what?  I bet it’s empty!

Empty is good!

See you soon.