advice from an aggieI don’t know about you but I’m done, finished, fineto, fertig, over it, want to move on, tired and am so ready for it to leave. You know what I am talking about.  I know you do. And, if there is a one of you who wants to hang on to Mr. Cold Winter, let me help make an appointment with a shrink on your behalf. In fact, reality still hasn’t sunk in for him, “Cold, I’m sorry you didn’t receive a rose. Take a moment and say your good byes”!  Make it quick and please, not so much drama in your exit. We like spring and can’t wait to spend more time with her. She’s nice, sunny, warm, makes things grow, we get to go outside, go for walks. You get the picture, now bye bye Mr. Winter! Move on. See you next year!  (Camera pans to throngs of people surrounding Ms. Spring blushing, clinching the perfect final red rose.)

As Mr. Winter prepares to depart, many of us cannot wait to experience the joys of spring.  There is just something about springtime that makes one happy. The warmth of the sun on our backs, the chirping of the birds as they return, the longer hours of daylight, the greening up of everything. What’s not to enjoy about spring? In fact, think for a moment, what’s not to like about spring? Honestly said, I enjoy spring and I know many of you do too! What a great time of year. And just think, too, Easter is right around the corner. So ladies, white shoes and pants will soon be back in season and please don’t forget, stay away from me with those candies from HE**, also known as Peeps!  Oh don’t get me started…

So here’s the thing, just as much as we look forward to spring, I look forward to seeing many of you again.  Like bears, you hibernate in the cold dark days of winter only to reappear in the warmth of spring. Eagle Hardware is ready to welcome you back into shopping bliss (gag…cough…wheez). Risinger, stop! What I mean to say, is that we’re ready to help. As the days warm up and the grass begins to grow, it is a natural time of year to begin working outside again. I just want to say, we are here to help. NOT just to sell you stuff but to help. I have learned, it is not just about selling that makes us different, it is how much we help. So if it is assistance in figuring what to do to get weeds out, ask. If you need help picking the right paint out, ask. What to do about scorpions, ask. Cows with scours, ask. Fleas, ask. You get the picture.

As the heat lamps are put away and the half-dog-eaten faucet cover is thrown in the trash, know that we look forward to your next visit. It’s Always Sunny at Eagle Hardware!

See you soon!