Though debate continues as to the true effectiveness of sulfur as a snake repellent, I would challenge those who doubt its use as a slithering reptilian repellant to speak to those who’ve used it for years.  Sulfur has been used to deter snakes from getting too close to those who don’t care for the creature for generations.  Spread around the home, farm or wherever snakes are unwanted, sulfur seems to keep them at bay and away.

Then, there is the “proven” effectiveness sulfur has on fleas, ticks, and chiggers.   There is nothing more miserable than those little red bumps that itch for eternity.  To this day I remember playing on the lawn July 4th with my cousins in Longview, Texas and days after never wanting to sit in grass again.  But, there is hope.  Sulfur has long been proven to keep chiggers out of our lawns.  Using the same method as stated above, you can have a chigger free lawn.  Lawn too big to treat with sulfur or going somewhere you know chiggers are?  You can take powdered sulfur, fill a sock and when leaving the house, bump your ankle once or twice.  Then walk with confidence, knowing the little creatures won’t go home with you.

But that’s not all.  Where this miracle agent works against the creatures that cause us aggravation, sulfur does the same for our four legged friends.  Yep, sulfur keeps the flea and tick population in our lawns down as well.

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